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The US version of BBC2

The US version of BBC2 comedy Coupling has been unceremoniously yanked from the NBC schedule after only three episodes, prompting fears about the show's future.The US translation of the BBC2 comedy has attracted criticism in the States for its frank and frequent references to sex - two TV stations even refused to broadcast the show.

However, perhaps the most damning comment from US critics - who have seen the original version of Coupling on digital cable channel BBC America - is that it is just a pale carbon copy of the British show."

Why is that shows are always remade - is it that the networks believe Americans are too dumb or parochial to understand - or bond with British actors? Is it something to do with royalties? Why don't the networks grow up and try the original on the audience?


It may not be over yet for Coupling just yet -it's being pulled in part because of the Baseball and the sweeps which are weeks which determine advertisement prices I think. The main problem with showing the orginals in the States - which have already aired on BBC America - is the are nowhere near enough. A US season will have something like 22 episodes and the are only about that number of British episodes in total.

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