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Lib Dems at work.

Hurray for the workers - as always the only good thing about a Lib Dem council is that come the Glorious Day they make sure there will be enough Lamposts for every single one of them...

thisisSouthDevon : Herald Express News : UP THE POLE

Moves to replace Union flags around Torbay with European Union emblems have triggered a Town Hall revolt.

Council workers have mounted an official protest over plans to take down the British and English flags at seafront locations in Torquay and Paignton. The ruling Liberal Democrats also want to take down the St George's flag and Union flag at the Town Hall in Torquay.

They would be replaced by the EU flag and "rotated" so the St George's and Union flags will fly for part of the week and the European one for the rest.

The news came in a memo to council staff from director of strategic services Tim Whitehead on behalf of council leader Cllr Chris Harris and deputy leader Cllr Andrea Colborne.

One worker said: "We object to being told we must have the Euro flag.

"They might want it but why should it be stuffed down our throats?"

It is understood the Town Hall "keepers" refused to carry out the switch.

And a staff petition was started which quickly gathered more than 130 names.

They plan to present the petition to council managing director Richard Painter.

Cllr Harris said: "The best way forward is to recognise that we are part of England, the UK and Europe.

"Look at Torquay harbour and see how much money we have had from Europe.

"It is important that if people are going to be assessing Torbay for European money we are seen to be part of Europe."

He said Union flags at seafront locations would be replaced by European flags or those of other European nations.

He said multi-national flags used to fly at prime locations but were replaced under the last Tory administration to tie in with the Queen's Golden Jubilee.

He said they were planning to "rotate" the St George's flag and Union flag at the Town Hall with the Euro flag.

"That may mean one day of the week or it may be three or four days," he said.

"I think the workers feared the St George's flag was coming down completely.

"There has been some misinterpretation and that is not the case."

He added: "We want to welcome visitors from Europe. We want to keep our workers happy and I am sure when they realise what is happening they will be happy."

The Lib Dems tried to get the Union flags replaced while the Tories were in power, but their proposal was unsuccessful.

Tory group leader Cllr Eileen Salloway said: "Our national flag is a matter of great pride, not least for those who have fought for this country under British colours.

"This arrogant and unpatriotic action by the Liberal Democrats will cause great offence to many."

Torbay hotelier and South Devon MEP Graham Booth, who represents the United Kingdom Independence Party, said it was "appalling".

And he felt the council was admitting it was being run by the EU.

He said: "They are run by the EU these days so at least they are being honest.

"With the programme of regionalisation the councils and district councillors are going to disappear anyway, so they are just getting ready for that."

He added: "It's appalling to see it but what more can you expect of them? It shows them for precisely what they are."


Yes, very nice and tasteful, and surprisingly easy on the eyes.

Maybe a small highlight would put the finishing touch!..

Sorry, don't know how that happened, should be one post up....

Its absurd really isn't it. The Lib Dem councillor who wistfully said;

"Look at Torquay harbour and see how much money we have had from Europe."

Perhaps should be reminded that normally the UK is a net contributor to the EU budget and that any European money they recieve in a sense started in Britain having to go through the EU mangle before coming back to them.

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