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Tory Turmoil - over?

For once the Tories have amazed me and done something sensible, all rallied round one person and decided to get on with life - I wouldn't have chosen Howard myself - but they needed to STFU and get on with fighting Labour rather than fighting each other.

UK free democrats has written on this better than I could.

They only thing that could spoil the party is if the traitor Clarke chucks his hat in..

So Yeo, Davis, Letwin, Fox have all ruled themselves out. Clarke has not ruled himself out but with even Stephen Dorrell supporting Howard the writing is on the wall. Unless Ancram decides to push it to a vote, which given the Ancram good guy image is unlikely it will be Howard without a contest. The remakable thing is the Tories do look as if they will rally round, on Newsnight Dorrell, Boles, Letwin and Yeo all effectively endorsed him so did Stuart Wheeler. So the left of the party is on board with a candidate precieved to be on the right. Norman Fowler came on to say what a great guy he is.

What's more Howard is the continuity candidate he will policy wise not change much - a good thing. Davis would probably have been better at getting floating voters but that would have been squandered with division and Howard promises to bring unity.

If this happens we can expect a Davis promotion perhaps to Shadow Chancellor. Howard is an old man at 62 a unified partyHoward fights the next election and his popular Shadow Chancellor David Davis wins the leadership taking them on to victory in 2010. stranger things have happened.


So, if Mr "Some of the Night" Howard I just wonder if he might consider giving us our pistols back ?? You have to admit he is responsible for one of the worst pieces of legislation in recent times

Oh dear, no-one wants to be the 'Leader', probably knowing that it is a position groomed for the political suicide of whoever grasps the nettle. So they get another old 'has-been' to make the ultimate sacrifice, knowing that it is his last chance to make at least a smudge in the history books.

It would be so nice to be proved wrong, but....

Good Luck to MH, or whoever.

Thanks for linking to my blog - I really appreciate it. Especially given the spectacular number of typo's that plague my site (note to self stop blogging late at night).

I don't know if it is just wishful thinking but I do think Howard can sort the Conservatives out. For no other reason than the political columnists do seem to be rallying around him. Even the Indpendant was taking him seriously. Oliver Letwin said that somehow through shock therapy they have pulled themselves together and that seems appropriate.

The other thing I would say is that Howard is going to have to change peoples minds about him but if he can - and he is wel placed to - then they may change their mind about the Conservatives as a whole.

I'm looking forward to your suggestion.

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