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A Hard Man's just reward.


CIGAR-chomping Gulf hero Colonel Tim Collins has been awarded an OBE in the war honours list.

It is proof the brave 43-year-old nicknamed Nails performed in an exemplary fashion during the conflict.

The Royal Military Police earlier cleared him of mistreating prisoners. after a US soldier complained.

Throughout the war, the Ulster-born dad-of-five led the 1st Battalion Royal Irish Regiment from the front, taking on Iraqi fighters personally.

His moving eve of war speech, when he urged his men to be "ferocious in battle but magnanimous in defeat" so impressed George Bush he hung up a copy in the White House.


Please don't think that all US soldiers are such limp-dicked peons. Most of us were cursing up a storm when we found out that some REMF had complained about it.

We now have a Lt. Col. under charges as well, due to the complaints (from yet another REMF) about his actions.

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