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Says it better than I could

The England Project has put two posts out on stuff I was going to comment on - and done it better than I could - so :
DerekWyattMP@barking.mad - as he says you couldn't make it up.
and The Hunt:

"They are a serious bunch of people who are, effectively, fed up to the hind teeth with the government and anti-hunt types trying to stomp on them. ..
It is still not clear whether the government will press ahead with the abolition of hunting in England and Wales (the ban has already passed into law in Scotland). But, if they do, and these people are good to their pledge, then they are quite capable of making life very difficult indeed for the authorities. In effect, a low-level civil war will be waged in the English countryside."


Too right it's not certain if the governement will ban huting in England and Wales. This is year six of there governance and they have yet to find time to push it through in one session.

Presumably somone has pointed out to TB that banning hunting with dogs on the grounds of animal cruelty when the alternatives (shooting, trapping) are no better for the animal is perverse. Or maybe he is saving it as a bargaining piece to wield every time he has to herd them into the lobbies against there will.

But if we are to rise up, will we be faced with the old dormitory dilemma…..I mean will we be ‘roundheads’ or ‘cavaliers’……or do we chose a middle path and immediately form the Seven Stars Sandinistas?

Interesting site, is all true ?

Of course it is all true - well nearly all of it!

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