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ID cards

Go to White Rose for great coverage of the ID card debate.

And an MP talking sense:

Mr. Simon Thomas (Ceredigion): Let me say at the outset that I am opposed to ID cards, both in principle and on grounds of practicality. To put it at its most brutal, I do not believe that the best way of remembering, as we do this week, those who gave their lives for freedom is to introduce the sort of society that would have had Saddam Hussein drooling. The apparatus of totalitarian repression depends on knowing who and where every citizen is and was, and which God they worship. The Government may have dropped the God bit, but the potential for all the rest remains.


I have heard that at the end of WWII, during the debate over whether to retain identity cards, it was pointed out that the only criminal prosecution resulting from them was that of forging them. No saboteurs or criminals were caught because of the IDs.