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"Shall from this practise but make hard your heart:"

The blogosphere is making many points on the US Bill to ban Partial-Birth Abortion .

Ignoring the unborn for a minute, in the name of heaven what does such a procedure do to the abortionists and the women involved?

The doctor's warning in William Shakespeare's Cymbeline (Act 1, Scene V ) is apt as any.

Now, master doctor, have you brought those drugs?

Pleaseth your highness, ay: here they are, madam:

Presenting a small box

But I beseech your grace, without offence,--
My conscience bids me ask--wherefore you have
Commanded of me those most poisonous compounds,
Which are the movers of a languishing death;
But though slow, deadly?

I wonder, doctor,
Thou ask'st me such a question. Have I not been
Thy pupil long? Hast thou not learn'd me how
To make perfumes? distil? preserve? yea, so
That our great king himself doth woo me oft
For my confections? Having thus far proceeded,--
Unless thou think'st me devilish--is't not meet
That I did amplify my judgment in
Other conclusions? I will try the forces
Of these thy compounds on such creatures as
We count not worth the hanging, but none human,
To try the vigour of them and apply
Allayments to their act, and by them gather
Their several virtues and effects.

Your highness
Shall from this practise but make hard your heart:
Besides, the seeing these effects will be
Both noisome and infectious.

O, content thee.



Here comes a flattering rascal; upon him
Will I first work: he's for his master,
An enemy to my son. How now, Pisanio!
Doctor, your service for this time is ended;
Take your own way.

[Aside] I do suspect you, madam;
But you shall do no harm.

[To PISANIO] Hark thee, a word.

[Aside] I do not like her. She doth think she has
Strange lingering poisons: I do know her spirit,
And will not trust one of her malice with
A drug of such damn'd nature. Those she has
Will stupefy and dull the sense awhile;
Which first, perchance, she'll prove on
cats and dogs,
Then afterward up higher: but there is
No danger in what show of death it makes,
More than the locking-up the spirits a time,
To be more fresh, reviving. She is fool'd
With a most false effect; and I the truer,
So to be false with her.

No further service, doctor,
Until I send for thee.

I humbly take my leave.



I think its time to be a little bit serious on this one.

In the past, I could never understand the problem abortion. With youthful ardour, I thought that if someone wanted an abortion they should have it.

I now have two little Free Markettes, my views have changed. How anyone could ever ever ever want to kill an unborn baby is quite beyond me. Yes I accept that sometimes there are medical issues that make it necessary. However if the baby & mother are in good health how can this be allowed??

Ponder if you will that is it fine to kill unborn babies, but not chase foxes with dogs. Even those of us that shoot wild game know that we are not allowed to hunt when the game might be pregnant or have young. Interesting that pheasant eggs/poults have more protection.

I really worry what the World is coming to & where our so called 'civilisation' is going.

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