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Speed Cameras

Lots in the news today about Speed Cameras - including a clutch of Rally drivers being nabbed - the end result the Rally probably won't come to the area again and 150m of tourist cash will go else where.

The The Sun Newspaper has the easiest to read article on a general campaign about cameras.

"SPEED cameras have been slammed as a 150million failure which do not save lives.

A study by Autocar magazine shows they do not deter drivers and may CAUSE accidents.

And the increased reliance on speed cameras has led to a reduction in police patrols' meaning other serious offences go undetected.

Edmund King of the RAC, who helped carry out the study, said the people caught by cameras were often not the drivers causing accidents.

Research shows that while the number of drivers caught by cameras has risen four-fold since 1996, there is less than a five per cent drop in road deaths."

And now even France is going to introduce them in an attempt to make the appalling French roads safer.

- Sorry a correction - they are "Safety Cameras" not "Cash collecting speeding cameras that are yet another Big Brother scam that lets the police off real policing".

- I wonder how long they would last if the Citizens were allowed to carry...?


Twice now I've been behind a silver Merc doing 70 in the fast lane of the M25 who kept braking as he passed under the illuminated 60 signs on the gantry overhead. Scared me everytime.

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