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I know who put on next year's bonfire.

A village in East Sussex had problems in the summer with "travellers" so in time honoured tradition when they were making up their bonfire they put an effigy on it.

Bonfire effigies can either be Guy Fawkes and the rest of the papist plotters, or The Pope, or some topical villain - Saddam, Tony Blair, etc. - it is always about having a good time never about stirring up hate - this isn't about setting up a burning cross and a noose in a tree.

But in Tony's Britain this is what happens: BBC NEWS | England | Southern Counties | Six arrests over burnt gypsy effigy

"The Commission for Racial Equality has called for those involved in the effigy burning to be pursued and "punished"."

There might possibly be a case for someone to say "Steady on chaps, that was a bit over the top". But no they are being hunted down for a hate crime...


This is fantastic.......& I am just starting to wonder if the police will have consistancy of enforcement here? Follow me on this if you will -
So people get nicked for burning a caravan because it has 'pikie' on it & it is considered racist.
Now when GWB visits, & all the great unwashed leftie-liberal sandel wearing peaceniks start to burn Stars & Stripes/pictures of GWB....uummmmm, thats legitimate protest - strikes me a racist!
But then again I'm not a media luvvie....cant rant anymore, I'm off to polish my guns. The voices have been telling me that I'll be needing them all, real soon.

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