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I haven't been following the Soham murder trial closely but Systemiq over at Lib-Dem World puts my thoughts in his own inimitable style.

"This is one odd case. I'm very intrigued as to what line the defence is going to take here, given the Not Guilty plea but with the attendant admission that the two girls did die in his house. Not really clear to me if the opening statement by the Prosecution, where he ridiculed the notion of a 'double accident' was just a throwaway sneer or a direct reference.

However, what's more interesting is the thin nature of the Plod case, despite the manpower and scientific know-how they've thrown at it."

From what I see, the forensic evidence can all be explained away; they found his prints and hair inside a binbag at his place of work, but as a caretaker one would expect him to be handling binbags on a daily basis on a daily basis, and usinf and re-using them. Fibres similar to those from the girls Man Utd shirts were found in his house, but he's not denied they were in there and on more than one occasion. What's more remarkable is that not much else was found in either his car or his house. For some years now, we've been led to believe that short of burning said items to cinders, it would be impossible to circumvent forensics. That's either the case or it isn't.

Perhaps the most remarkable thing of all is the string of witnesses offering up half-remembered snippets of conversation, much of which is being spun as being sinister when it could in fact be innocent. Case in point being the fucking Teacher (wouldn't you know) who tried to make a name for herself by stating;
"He said he had been the last person to see them alive", the inference of course being how would he know that unless he'd killed them.
"Did he not in fact simply say he was the last person to /see/ them ?" enquired his silk swiftly.
"Er, yes" the ridiculous frump clarified.
Plus much more of the same that I can't be bothered to recall. Of course, it doesn't matter. Since the moment of his arrest, he's been found guilty and put away for life. And the sad, backward idiot of a Teachers Aide (and that has to be the lowest form of occupational-life on the planet, assisting halfwits to bully children), banged up for a year on charges that yere average high-profile boardroom delinquent walks away from half a doaen times a year, how much justice is there in that ?


Hang em high.....demolish their houses......plough salt into the cleared land....

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