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"pet pig walking licence"

If you take your pig for a walk, you must have a “pet pig walking licence”. Your local Animal Health Divisional Office issues these licences. A Defra veterinarian will visit you and inspect your proposed route. This is to ensure your pig does notcome into contact with disease or possibly spread disease. There is no charge for this licence.

-Is it me or is the whole world mad?


How crazy is this!

I found a piglet in my field last week! It was getting dark and persons unknown has climbed my gate, bravely faced the angry geese and depositted the piglet in my chicken pen!

I have contacted DEFRA and was considering keeping it. I then thought what if I could walk her? I was then told about the 'pig walking licence'. I understand the threat of disease, but it is a bit mad. My friends have spent the last week in fits of giggles everytime I mention the pig.

I am a vegetarian so the pig will not be eaten, and walking would help keep it fit and happy.

If anyone has any advice please get in touch.

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