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The Anti-Bush Protest

Mr. FREE MARKET is our man on the ground when it comes to reporting on the anti-Bush protest:


"This protest march has just gone by my office window - the length of the column was no more than 25 yrds"

"Trafalgar Square (approx 1000 soap dodgers there) & walked up to the US Embassy (not a single scumbag there)."

From the BBC NEWS | Politics | Thousands join anti-Bush protest
"Thousands of people have taken to the streets in London to protest against George W Bush and the war on Iraq.
Organisers claimed more than 150,000 have joined the march in central London, which will skirt Downing Street on its way to Trafalgar Square. "

I think I know who I believe...


Oh, now it's 150,000? A while back that same article had it at 100,000.

But further on in, it says that the police are estimating 30,000. Quite a difference.

As some others have pointed out, it's quite enlightening to compare it to the 400,000 on the pro-foxhunting march.

Here's more on the protesters and the Bush speech:

"What do they want?"

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