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Accountants - my Heros!

Headlines today :
Rampant fraud costs EU more than 600m a year

Last week we had the Auditors refusing to sign off the EU accounts for the NINTH year running because they can't be sure where 90% of the budget is properly spent.

And here is an example of the pressure the poor beancounters are put under:

Scotsman.com Business - Banking & Insurance - Further allegations against EU whistleblower

MARTA Andreasen, the EU whistleblower, is facing fresh allegations from EU commissioner Neil Kinnock. The EU chief accountant, suspended on full pay since August 2002 after warning that the 100 billion (69.89 billion) budget was open to fraud, has now been told she faces further allegations of speaking at conferences without permission.

Andreasen is already banned from commission buildings while Kinnock decides whether to take any further action against her. Andreasen was last week voted 2003 Personality of the Year by readers of Accountancy Age magazine and accepting the trophy she thanked the UK profession for supporting her campaign.
It is not often that accountant are heros but the fact the auditors have held out for honesty for so many years amongst the swill pots of Brussels says something for their characters, and I'm sure the commission has tried to appoint Yes men in place.


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