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Urban Fighting

I noticed this article: How to Conduct Urban Warfare

From Stalingrad to Seoul, Hue City to Sarajevo, Mogadishu to Groznyy, history is filled with the tragic tales of urban brawls. If they can avoid it, U.S. forces would certainly prefer not to confront an enemy in city streets. ..

The military has also paid a lot of attention to the lessons learned from other tough urban fights, including the Russian army's disastrous first war with Chechen rebels in the streets of Groznyy in 1994 and Israel's experiences in the Palestinian refugee camps. ..

Excuse me - haven't they learnt anything from UK troops 'trained for urban war' I thought it was one of our specialist subjects now!


In the British Army its called FIBUA -
Fighting In Built Up Areas..........
we used to call it FIBAR-
Fighting In Bars And Restaurants

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