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Church Times

The Revd Joanna Jepson, Assistant Curate of St Michaelís, Chester, is taking the Chief Constable of West Mercia Police, Paul West, to court because he did not prosecute when doctors performed an abortion after 24 weeks on a foetus with a cleft palate. In law, an abortion may be carried out after this period only if there is a risk of a severe disability.

- Here's an example of the effects of such a disability - the Rev. Joanna Jepson herself "who had corrective surgery for a jaw disfigurement in her late teens".


- Is that sort of disfigurement really worth killing a baby to prevent?

The old hairy Liberal in me is still wishy-washy on abortion in "real need" cases but this is a horrific example which needs to be prosecuted to push back the boundaries of what is acceptable.


Jepson is certainly a cutey.

A 24 week abortion for a cleft palate certainly is scandalous. Given that some babies are born preaturely at that stage and survive. You might think the would be more moral outrage.

"a horrific example which needs to be prosecuted to push back the boundaries of what is acceptable."

Think about this. How many abortion cases are truly life-threatening to anyone other than the unborn child? How few cases really are in case of rape, the false reason Norma McCorvey was coached to give in Roe v. Wade.

Let's be honest, abortion is the birth control method of choice for the irresponsible. In the US roughly 95% of all abortions are belated birth control remedies to stop an inconvenience.

This and the picture of the beautiful female vicar beg the question, when is infanticide acceptable?

Great post! The picture says it all...

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