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Proof God is black - and she has a sense of humour.

From www.theage.com.au

The Klu Klux Klan, the white supremacy group notorious for its lynchings of black people and those favouring desegregation, has scored a spectacular own goal.

One of its members has been critically injured after being hit by a bullet fired into the air during an initiation ceremony.

While the organisation is more a subject of ridicule than fear these days, it still holds initiation ceremonies. The latest took place in Johnson City, Tennessee (the state where the Klan was formed in 1866) with about 10 people present. The new member was blindfolded, tied to a tree and shot with paint pellets. In order to make the event more dramatic, Gregory Freeman, 45, fired a real pistol with live ammunition up into the air.

It would appear that the Klan, always dismissive of the laws that entitled all citizens to vote and be educated, also has little respect for the law of gravity. The bullet, having gone straight up in the air, came straight down and hit Jeffrey Murr, 24, in his skull, leaving him in critical condition.


Its a sign of the times - you just cant get racists like you used to

Jeff Murr happens to be a friend of mine and one of the greatest Christians I have ever met. A far better one then you, but then I would expect this kind of horseshit from a mere englishman. One who;s kind has been beaten more then once while outnumbering enemies 10:1, and with superior military forces. Think IRELAND AND SCOTLAND YOU ENGLISH PRICK!

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