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Woof woof barking!

It is sometimes instructive to be woken up and made to smell the coffee - I have read so much about Global warming and climate change over the last few years and the conclusion of all the sane commentators is the same. Climate change is the norm, man made global warming is unproven but not unlikely, but its effect would be small in the effect of things. Kyoto and the Greens are political rather than scientific, and are bad for the human race especially the poor countries.

So when the ever excellent EnviroSpin Watch pointed me to this week's lead stroy in the New Statesman it was a surprise to come across such an out of date out of touch article. But of course I was forgetting that is what the Greens are. Know your enemy - read it, but have a strong cup of carcinogenic coffee first.

...if we do not take immediate action to slash greenhouse gas emissions, we will in effect condemn our children - and all generations that follow - to a permanently impoverished and more threatening world dominated by extreme weather and ecological collapse.
These dangerous trends continue almost unchallenged. Why? Because we appear to be experiencing a disastrous form of collective denial, more typically found among societies suffering major institutional human rights abuses - such as apartheid South Africa or Nazi Germany - where individuals may understand the reality of the problems, but refuse to accept the implications.
Climate change, unfortunately, matches our evolutionary weak-nesses. Not only is it complex, ambiguous and inter-generational, but it is largely self-inflicted.
We could transform our lifestyles, but only if we recognise and confront the psychological barriers to major behavioural change. A big shift in world-view is essential, and time is running short.
The passive bystander effect stops operating as soon as sufficient people break ranks and become involved. It may become "normal" to eschew cars, to shop locally and to consume renewable energy only.


Very similar in both tone and substance to the Monbiot article I discussed yesterday:

Monbiot: We're Running Out of Oil - Again

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