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Gloucester Muslims

Qari Hafiz Sajid Badat a Gloucester man and " devout follower of Islam " is being held for questioning on suspicion of being involved in Terrorism and the Police claimed to have discovered explosives in his house - As far as I know he has not been arrested yet and of course is innocent until it is proven otherwise.

What has surprised me is the public meetings and fuss made about this case by the Muslim community in Gloucester with accusations of racism etc being bandied about.

"Mahmoud Patel, a spokesman for Muslims in the Barton Street area, said he was looking forward to an end to the sense of "limbo" his community was currently feeling....local Muslims insist they are united behind him....Meanwhile Gloucester MP Parmjit Dhanda has confirmed he is to meet Home Secretary David Blunkett in order to pass on the concerns of the Barton Street community."

I really do not understand - if he is innocent then he will be released and life will return to normal* - if he isn't then why would "the whole community" want to be behind him - surely the Muslim community would want to have rid of terrorists becaues the one thing that will lead to distrust of these communities would be the idea that they harbour such people.

I'm waiting to hear a "community leader" say "We thank the police for their robust action and while we believe in this case the man is innocent and we will help him to prove this, in general terrorism is a cancer of society and should be rooted out for the good of all communities both large and small." - But I won't hold my breath waiting.

this is gloucestershire

* I'm aware of miscarraiges of Justice in various terrorism cases over the past thirty years, which is why it is quite proper for a "community" to offer support to help prove innocence"


04 December 2003 Update.

A British Muslim has been charged with plotting with the "shoe bomber" Richard Reid, the man jailed for trying to blow up an American airliner, to cause an explosion.

Sajid Badat, 24, who was arrested by anti-terrorist police in Gloucester last Thursday, was also charged with possessing explosive materials with intent to endanger life.

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