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Aaah Diddums.

Guardian - Rosie Kane MSP takes time out of 'macho' parliament

Rosie Kane, the member of the Scottish parliament who swore allegiance to the Queen with "my oath is to the people" scrawled on her palm, has had to take a month off..

Her break from frontline politics comes after she found herself in tears on a train after an attack on her attendance record during a parliamentary debate.

Scottish Nationalist MSP Stewart Stevenson castigated Ms Kane for speaking fewer than 5,000 words in the chamber since her election, and attending just one out of eight meetings of the local government and transport select committee she sits on. He had calculated that this meant that she had earned 5.59 a word, as her salary was 49,000 a year.
Critics of Ms Kane have pointed out that the Scottish Socialist party stands for the most confrontation style of class politics, of which she is one of the most aggressive and outspoken advocates.

One MSP told the Scotsman newspaper: "Politics is about conflict and it is about attack, both personal and about party policy. If you can't take it you should dish it out."

Obviously I wish this publicity seeking traitorous workshy scrounger all the very best in this festive season - An ounce of finest Seven Shot for instance.


Why mess about with No.7 shot - how about a couple of .303 'persuaders'?

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