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Martian Warming

Thanks to The Daily Ablution for the heads up on Martian Warming / Climate Change.

The story comes from a Nasa
Press Release .

Mars seems to be experiencing a recent Climate Change which is causing warming and ice retreat - sound familiar?

It had never struck me before that Mars acts as a control for Anthropomorphic Climate Change, or will the Greens blame the SUVs for that as well?


You know the whole Global Warming issue is probably the best example of the "Heisenberg uncertainty principle" I have ever seen!!

The number of scientists who are blaming the human race for global warming despite the facts that

* The Earth is coming out of an Ice Age
* The Suns output is increasing
* Over 85% of Global warming is caused by Water Vapour
* Over 90% of greenhouse gasses are generated by the Earth's oceans
* Mars and Pluto are also showing evidence of Global Warming

But apparently I'm f****** responsible!!!!!!!

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