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Orange doesn't suit me.

Guardian Unlimited Politics | Special Reports | Blunkett offers US easier extradition of Britons

The government will be accused today by the Liberal Democrats and the Tories of sneaking through retrospective laws that will allow the US to have any British citizen extradited for trial in America without having to prove there is evidence of guilt.

David Blunkett, the home secretary, is using a little known parliamentary procedure to avoid a full scale debate in the Commons or Lords to push through changes to the US-UK extradition treaty he agreed this year.

The changes retrospectively remove the right of British citizens facing more than a year in jail to argue that there is no prima facie evidence linking them to the offence. Only evidence of identification from US police will be required.

But US citizens accused of murder, rape, robbery and drink-driving offences in the UK will be protected from extradition unless a US judge is convinced there is prima facie evidence against them.

David Davis, the shadow home secretary, said: "This seems to be an abuse of democracy. Effectively the government is smuggling a one-sided retrospective change of law through a statutory instrument three days before the Christmas recess."

- Seems a bit unfair to me, but then we gave the same rights to Europe last year - including such bastions of justice as Albania and Turkey so adding the US to the list is probably least of our worries.


Whatever David Davis says, it seems that the Conservative Lords will not join the Lib-Dems in opposing this piece of contempt by the Labour government for the British people. Just how shameful can they get? Sorry, a stupid question. But do we really need to be so spineless towards our allies? Why do such people get elected to office? And why do the Americans take such advantage of these useful idiots?
The ultimate insult is that Blunket and his government have sneaked this humiliating legislation past the dozy pensioners sitting in the Commons, unfortunatly not a difficult task, as has been shown so often before.

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