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Pussification of the toilet.

Pussification having been a popular subject in the blogosphere I would like to pass on a thought which has only just occurred to me. And I can't work out why it took so long.

Toilet Paper, Bog Roll, whatever you call it is being pussified. In the good old days it was hard and scraped,

then it went a bit softer, which made life a bit better, but now it has gone all fluffy and shreds at the first sign of work to be done. - why?

And then it struck me, it is no longer being made for the business end but instead it is made for drying Ladies' Front Bottoms.

Don't my needs as a man count for anything, or is it assumed that Girls do the shopping so girls get to choose?

So it is going to be two sorts of bumf in the Castle from now on.

My choice: Andrex Toilet Tissues - Aloe Vera aloe.jpg

- Though why my botty needs Vitamin E I am not sure.

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