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The Librarian replies:

I said I would post his reply - here it is:

Many thanks for your e-mail. For many years now Buckinghamshire County
Council has had a policy of not allowing material of a religious, political
or sexual nature to be displayed in its libraries. This policy arose out of
a desire to be fair, and not to be seen to discriminate against particular
organisations or groups. It was made in the context of requests for display
space from a number of groups, which although perfectly legal, are widely
perceived to be offensive or at least controversial beliefs and policies.
Unfortunately, the implementation of this policy, which until now has never
caused any problems, has been reported by the media in a highly selective way as a piece of crude political correctness designed to be anti-Christian. In
fact the library service in Buckinghamshire, in its book stock, information
service and activities, reflects the multi-cultural nature of our society,
and has very good relations with all faiths and communities.

Please find attached a press release issued on behalf of the County
Councillor with responsibility for the Library Service. Please note that the
policy will be reviewed in the light of the many comments received on this

Yours sincerely

Peter Mussett
Community Development Librarian

Press Release


The Telegraph reported yesterday that they'd had an end-of-Ramadan celebration on the premises, which was publicised by handing out flyers in the library.


......while Albion weeps

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