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Traffic Warden

So I popped out at lunchtime to buy a sandwich from the local corner shop, I was only a couple of minutes and when I came out there was a Traffic Warden writing a ticket.

"Please, I've only been a couple of minutes, it's Christmas, give us a break, please".

"Started writing the ticket, can't not complete it now - you know the car shouldn't be parked here".

"Look it's not a dangerous place".

"I've got rules I have to follow."

"That's what the Nazi's said".

"The tyres look a little low to me Sir, I think I had better report them."

I think I might have swore at him a bit more then as he started filling out a third form.

"Look it is no good getting angry at me, your car's been done and that is that!"

"My Car? - it's not my car, I walked here from the office".



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