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Happy Birthday.

I can only echo the Adam Smith Institute Blog in wishing the aeroplane a Happy Birthday.

As with the car it has given us the freedom to travel cheaply. The enormous benefits of this can not be understated, but they can be opposed. It is not the environment that the Moonbats care about, it is people choosing to travel how and when they want to. If only they were happy to wait for the state to provide rational travel arrangements on a pre planned basis life would be so much more controllable.

Of course such controls shouldn't be applied to really intelligent people, such as the Moonbats, as their travel is important and for the good of the world.

Exhibit 1: George Monbiot, an environmentalist, wrote a piece in yesterday's Guardian calling for "a day of international mourning. December 17 2003 is the centenary of the world's most effective killing machine."
.. he tried to apply the killing point to civilian flights, saying that commercial planes are a "weapon of mass destruction" because of their environmental effects.

Exhibit 2: George Monbiot, author of Manifesto for a New World Order, speaks in Sydney on Tuesday 15 July 2003 at 6.30 pm, the Valhalla, Glebe
Fiercely controversial and yet utterly persuasive, what Monbiot offers is a truly global perspective.

George Monbiot has held visiting fellowships or professorships at Green College, Oxford and the Universities of Bristol, Keele and East London, in (respectively) environmental policy, philosophy, politics and environmental science. He is currently visiting professor of planning at Oxford Brookes.

This event is co-sponsored by Oxfam Community Aid Abroad, Gleebooks & The Adelaide Festival of Ideas.


Now you know why I don't support Oxfam anymore.

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