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Lomborg Vindicated

The Edge of England's Sword: Lomborg Vindicated -- Again

Good news for truth, science, the environment and Lomborg believers.

What took them so long to find the Danish Committees on Scientific Dishonesty were dishonest? - if they had any sense of decency they would recant and resign. For a whole year the Greens have used this smear, and I bet will continue to do so.

A large Carlsberg I think for lunch - no maybe that is a sacrifice too far!


The Green's do seem to have high-jacked all debate on any issue of science - and usually have no evidence at all for their contentions. Remember the floating oil storage unit BP wanted to sink? Turned out to have considerably less oil in it than they claimed, and all the so-called radio-active waste was from the seabed anyway. So much for truth and accuracy.

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