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"Jesus like a suicide bomber" - BBC

I heard a promotional snippet on the radio for this program this morning.
BBC - Religion & Ethics - Jesus
A talking head said that it was "an awful simile, but that Jesus was like a suicide bomber in that he believed his death was the important thing". (from memory).

I'm no theologian but I believe the technical term for that is bollocks and offensive bollocks at that.

Let us assume that Jesus did see his death as the important thing he had to do and, so contrary to teachings, arranged it, so it was a type of suicide.

I can think of three suicide scenarios:

Despair - not applicable.
Suicide Bombing - the aim is kill other people as well as your self, It is an act of hate. I think Jesus was trying to save other people.
Heroic self sacrifice, - falling on a handgranade to save the rest of the platoon, a father saving children from a fire, helping people down the stairs of the Twin Towers. They are acts of love - Now that is an analogy that should be used.

The BBC is full of people who see Suicide Bombers as romantic heros in the struggle and so it would never have occured to them what a twisted and disgusting simile this is.


I agree with you entirely on this one - the cretin who made this statement should be charged under the new act for stirring up religious intolerance. I bet he/she was a simpering anti-religious twerp with a doctorate in divinity! Just the type to balme all the worlds ills on Christianity and the Jews.

Thanks for the back up , I was thinking it was just me - your blog looks really interesting, I will read it at my leasure!


It's that time of year, when the BBC gives ouut its PC Christmas Messages. Yesterday on the Today programme (R4) we had Gore Vidal addressing us on what a cretin George Bush is - never heard that on the Beeb before.

And this lunchtime the guy who started the Big Issue, John Bird, on why we must give lots more money to the socially excluded (or they'll riot i.e. beat up and steal from their neighbours. don't thay do that anyway ?).

I look forward to Benjamin Zephaniah's Christmas Message at 3 pm on Thursday ...

Nice blog by the way - just discovered it.

the sep11 bombing was an act of religious intolerance and therefore should be acted upon as a church matter. The bombing was simply an attempt to kill others and cause distruction to americans in a message that their religious ways are evil. I need more back up on this as i am doing a feature artical about it at school. any one that can help i will be greatful. Please email to me at pinkpoodle@fastmail.fm

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