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More Good News

The econazis suffered a set back when the perverse decision to clear them was reversed and they were fined.

UK Indymedia | Pink Castle Four Suffer Perversely Pricey Ping Pong Justice

On 15th December 2003 a District Judge in Weymouth, Dorset found 4 anti-GM activists Liz Snook, Olaf Bayer, Richard Whistance and Will Hart guilty of aggravated trespass for attaching themselves to tractors in an attempt to prevent the sewing (sic) a farmscale trial of GM maize near Weymouth in May 2002. The four were given conditional discharges lasting 18 months, 1 person was ordered to pay 250 court costs and the other three were ordered to pay court costs of 1000 each.
Some of the activists are planning to refuse to pay their court costs and are willing to go to prison if need be. Others due to personal circumstances are going to have to pay their court costs and would really appreciate any help that people are able to offer in paying their costs. offers of help should be sent to info@geneticsaction.org.uk
Yesterdays guilty verdict and sentencing marks the end of a drawn out and contradictory legal process. In March 2003 all 4 activists were cleared of aggravated trespass by the same District Judge. At the original trial, he commented that the four had acted in a "reasonable" way and said "I can see you all have huge knowledge of GM crops and I can see you were acting to protect the land and animals."
However, in November 2003 following a successful appeal by the Director of Public Prosecution, 2 high court judges overturned the District Judges earlier decision, and ruled that the four activists should be sent back to the magistrates court with an order to convict and sentence and them.

Now what suggestions to help them shall I email to them? - "have a bath" springs to mind; oh, if you do go to prison, when the big guy asks if you want to play Mummies and Daddies then smile you have made a special friend...


I take it that you don't agree with the District Judge's views of leniency then? I think I might recommend they have haircuts as well.There does come a point where "civil disobedience" in pursuit of a political point can be taken too far - and society has the right to bite back!

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