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Even Better News

The Edge of England's Sword is sharp and cutting in a foreign field:

An improved climate - The Washington Times: Commentary

In 2003, more and more people realized alarmism over climate change is based on uncertain science and bad economics. If that trend continues in 2004, it could be a very good year indeed


Don't you just love the way, "Friends" of the Earth, Greenpeace and other tree huggers always twist and manipulate information, often completely ignoring thr true facts, simply to pursue their Utopian agenda? I find it fascinating in the "Global warming/Climate change" debate that almost all the "models" can deal with the lower atmosphere only and do not reflect what is happening in the upper atmosphere - or, indeed, in the Southern Hemisphere, since almost all the data comes from land stations in the Northern Hemisphere and near major centres. Hardly academically credible!

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