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Don't mention the war

So the German relatives are over staying with us for a couple of days. My little Girl is playing with her new dolls house. The visiting child opens the attic and spots some dolls. "Oh look, dere are some hiding in der attic. I vonder who they are?"

Thank goodness I managed to stifle my automatic response, "the Frank family" otherwise I think it would have been a very frosty evening.


Heh. Well said.

ah, so that explains it......I was wondering what that Tiger tank was doing outside the Castle as I drove by this afternoon !

Still at least you will be able a get all of your old time pieces running again........

"Ve haf vays of making you tock"

Must go, I've got the 60's on the phone; they want their joke back..........

I hope your tongue healed quickly after having to give it, no doubt, such a hard bite.

Don't mention the war

PS: Wrote this in my poor english because youŽll be to stupid to understand german.
PPS: fawlty towers is just something for simple-minded, anthropoid thinking humans, in other words for the English

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