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Seeing Red on Planning

I keep trying to work up a reasoned argument and suggestions as to how the planning system could be usefully reformed. Dr Madsen Pirie's experience - see Adam Smith Institute Blog - Planning in detail - seems mild by most but at least he had the balls to fight it. My planning application is in at the moment and I just say yes to their "suggestions" - I once fought and won a nine year battle with them and don't have the energy to do so again.

So my reasoned suggestion is - sorry I can't do it, the Tourette's keeps trying to cut in - deep breath - Before we had planners people built nice house, villages and towns which we now preserve, Five Year Plans belong in Stalinist Russia, - No I can't hold it.. THE ONLY GOOD THING ABOUT PLANNERS IS THAT COME THE GLORIOUS DAY THEY WILL HAVE MADE SURE THAT THERE ARE ENOUGH LAMPPOSTS FOR US TO HANG EACH ONE INDIVIDUALLY.. sorry I will go and have a lie down now.


Unfortunately the Adam Smith Institute blog - and by extension I am led to believe also the Adam Smith Institute itself - persists in making tabloid assertions about government and public policy, often founded in inaccurate data and so they build their house of cards.

I have twice tried to get them to acknowledge errors in posts on their Blog which were so severe as to totally invalidate their post, but have never had any success. They have now removed any opportunity to comment at all on the basis that they couldn't cope with responding to the comments made - although they also said that they didn't get many comments anyway!

I have every sympathy with Mr Pirie's problems - but they are more to do with the mindset of those who are happiest working in regulatory activity - not with the planning system. I assume you will have no objections when I apply to turn the house next door into a night club open till 4.00am every night.

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