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House of Dumb has a good Fisk of the Educrats - let me quote a little:

Turns out the biggest issue facing our train wreck education system isn't rampant illiteracy, endemic bullying, ideological marking, non-existent teaching standards, corruption in the testing process, pervert teachers, drug abuse, bogus sickness claims or appalling personal hygiene.

An unprecedented clampdown on parents who take their children on holiday during term-time has been ordered by Charles Clarke, the Education Secretary.

He is being backed by head teachers' leaders, who are telling schools to review the policy of authorising breaks of up to two weeks, which are viewed by some parents as an entitlement.

Ha! As if you're entitled to do what's best for your kids. Everyone knows that they're government property, you just borrow them. Besides, they only have them for 42 weeks a year, so that missing almost 5% could make all the difference (although constant halts for 'in-service training' have no effect whatsoever, of course).

Funny how 'heads teacher leaders' aren't so finicky about local control when it's someone else ox being gored. Also ironic since, given the sickness rates among the teachoids, restricing them to two weeks a year would be a major achievement.

But I suppose teachers ought to be the bloody experts on Holidays - take this whinge on Long hours

He describes his working day as starting at 8.40am and not finishing until 4.15pm with only 35 minutes break for lunch. One day a week he teaches nine 40-minute lessons and sometimes is required to attend meetings which can last as long as 70 minutes

He asks whether there are any regulations limiting the number of teaching hours a teacher is required to do.

Excessive workload leading to high levels of stress and low morale is a recurrent theme in the modern workforce, but nowhere is it more prevalent than in the teaching profession.

Can you believe it - up to NINE whole 40 minute lessons, wow! that is SIX hours of work, thank God that is only one day a week.

But the slavery has limits:

Teachers in maintained schools have to be available for work for 195 days in any year, of which 190 shall be days on which 'he may be required to teach pupils'.
The maximum number of hours for full-time teachers (other than head teachers, deputy heads and advanced skills teachers) under the direction of the head is 1265.
(Source: School Teachers’ Pay & Conditions Document 1998)

1265 hours - even the French average 1535 hours a year while the Americans average 1976 hours.
Oh and then they do their training during School term rather than in the 14 weeks they have off.

"INSET or Baker days
INSET or In-service Training days were introduced by the then Tory education secretary Kenneth Baker (hence Baker days) so that headteachers could bring all their staff together for training purposes. They should be an important tool for headteachers to help staff maintain and develop their professional skills and knowledge for whole school development planning.

The organisation and timing of inset days is at the discretion of the individual school and each school is expected to take local circumstances into account when planning the times. Usually they are timed to be at the beginning or end of the school holidays, as this often results in less disruption.

Attendance is voluntary
The secretary of state recognises that teachers may not want or be able to attend INSET days and expects headteachers to respect individual teachers choice and to have respect to equal opportunities."

Equal opportunity to be a skiving git I suppose - and let's not mention the sick day record!

But let us remember that this is probably all good news, kids are bright enough to see if you are a workshy-statist-corduroy-wearing-sandal-shuffling-perpetual student you end up being a teacher. Get a job, work hard, party hard and life is a lot more fun.


My personal opinion is that it shouldn't be banned but if you are stupid enough to take your kids out of lessons to take them on holidays then on your head be it.

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