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Top Ten War Films

While you are ruminating in front of the telly during this break - ask your self the same question that Courrèges and MSN does; what are your top ten war films?

Quickly off the top of my head here is an Englishman's list

The Great Escape
The Dambusters
633 Squadron
Ice Cold in Alex
The Wooden Horse
Battle of Britain
The Cruel Sea
Bridge on The River Kwai
Henry V


what about The Cruel Sea - oh to cut a dash like Jack Hawkins did in that duffle coat & sea boots...or Battle of the River Plate, "Staffie, where's the sun?"

You omit, Appointment in London, "Master bomber to main force, bomb on the green, bomb on the green", delivered in the cut glass accent of the old air force.

Should put in Private Ryan/Band of Brothers - OK so they are the same film but at least accurate from the the hole in the ground.

Also, what about Mr. The Duke (you show him some goddamn respect)? - in fact, True Grit is on tonight - OK so its not a war film but it does have the line, "Thats fighting talk for a one eyed fat man" as well as refering to the great hanging judge himself....Judge Parker!

Enough, time for work!!

I woke in front of the Telly yesterday afternoon to see The man himself in The Green Berets - not seen it before, but through my bleary beery eyes it was an acceptable way to spend an hour or so...

not really that into war films...but...
Saving private ryan , platoon, and thin red line deserver a mention

Don't forget Apocalypse Now - not the redux version. Anyone remember Too Late the Hero? A great pommy war movie. What opinion should an English gentleman have on Terrence Malick's The Thin Red Line? I thought it was ten times better than Saving Private Ryan.

What can I say, a fantastic list...

What can I say, a fantastic list...

What can I say, a fantastic list...

What can I say, a fantastic list...

What can I say, a fantastic list...

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