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Improperly dressed

The Colonel retold this story tonight:

One of the old school army officers on a private income decided to learn Paragliding. So he turns up and is strapped in for his maiden flight wearing an open necked Tattershall shirt and Tweeds. The Lycra clad and helmeted instructor hesitantly mentions that Sir might be improperly dressed;

"Absolutely, stupid of me not to realise."

Off back to the Hanger he goes, and returns five minutes later wearing his well earned Parachute Regiment tie, and still in the tweeds.

And on with the lesson.



Clearly you were/are in a state of advanced refreshment when you heard/posted this. The officer in question was OC of an armoured unit. Whilst he had completed "P Company", he would have done the all arms section. This would entitle him to wear the beret when on attachment to an airborne or training unit.

If he went on to complete jump school, he would be entitled to wear 'wings' at any time.

As he was a member of a different regt. he would not be entitled to wear a Para Regt tie. He would be entitled & did in fact wear an airborne forces tie.

Just a little point.....tee heee

Big Kiss

Mr Shortest Day

I think the time of posting 01.02am on Saturday morning might suggest I was tired at the time - thank you for the correction.

Yours in a collar and tie.


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