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Anti EU bombs

BBC NEWS | Politics | Bombs 'predictable price' of EU

Letter bombs sent to EU politicians are the "price of forcing a political ideal on people" according to the UK Independence Party (UKIP).
MEP Nigel Farage said his party had predicted 10 years ago the path the EU was taking could end in civil unrest.

But a British MEP targeted in one of the terror attacks said Mr Farage's comments were "despicable".

"This is about the worst thing I have heard in my entire time in politics," Gary Titley told BBC News Online.


The UKIP is trying to suggest a reason for the bombs, not excuse them. Just as trying to understand the Islamofascists is important in defeating them so is trying to understand why people are sending you bombs might be a good idea.

And the UKIP is right - people react with anger against excessive rule.

And Gary dear - I know it was nasty and shocking to get a parcel that went bang - but if the UKIP statement was really "about the worst thing I have heard in my entire time in politics" you really have been living a very sheltered life.


Well they do you know,-- lead sheltered lives. Very sheltered. Sheltered from financial worry, from all expenses, from having to do all their own work, from poor quality restaurants, even from finding their own way home after dining out. From expensive air fares, from too little travel abroad, from too little holiday, from individual thinking, and on, and on, and on. They all have fairy godmothers. Taxpayers, mooing, me tooing slightly drooling taxpayers. Poor souls pour money into their laps even though they wouldnt know them from Adam. Not only them but legions of MPs Lords. and hundreds of thousands of apparatchics. Now who suddenly woke up there!

I wonder how Mr Titley viewed Cherie Blairs comments about Palistinian suicide bombers.
Probably with sympathy and understanding, now ship the worthless b*stard to Israel, see how he likes real bombs.

Exactly. Gazza should be more understanding. He should ask himself why they are so hated. He should try and bring an end to the cycle of violence.

Anyway, no doubt 6000 lawyerscum are ready to defend the bomber's human rights, Rasputin is ready to give a sermon claiming they have a serious, moral purpose and the BBC is ready to run a documentary claiming the EU sent the bombs to itself.

I confess, it was me that sent them


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