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Freedom to work.

Guardian Unlimited | The Guardian | EU wants end to hours opt-out

British workers are being routinely and unfairly forced to opt out of the EU's 48-hour week and made to work the longest hours in Europe, the European commission claimed yesterday...

Brendan Barber, the TUC's general secretary, called on the commission to scrap the opt-out. "It's about time UK workers got the same protection against bullying bosses and long working days as workers do in the rest of Europe," he said in a statement. "Removing the individual opt-out would help signal the end of Britain's unhealthy long hours culture."

I want freedom from bullying bureaocrats and Union bosses and the ability to work when and how the frick I want to. I want to live in a country that can benefit from people's hard work and amongst people who reap the rewards for their own hard work. I don't want to be among the dumbed down idle euroweenies.


I'm with you all the way! Which way to the barricades? Can I bring my own pitchfork?

When an american sees a beautiful car, he says "I look to the day when I will drive such a beautiful car as him"

When a frenchman sees a beautiful car, he says "I look to the day when he will drive such a sh*t car as mine".

To make themselves less uncompetitive, the French want to make Britain as uncompetitive as they.

Mind you, Britain has a Labour government and the British did vote them in, twice.

Don't remind me.