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Euro shakedown.

BBC NEWS | Business | Nissan threatens move to France

Nissan has warned that its Sunderland plant could lose production of one of its most important cars if the UK continues to stay outside the euro.
The Wearside facility currently makes the company's mid-sized Almera model, but Nissan says it may now produce the forthcoming replacement in France.
Carlos Ghosn, the company's president and chief executive, made the threat at the Detroit motor show.
He said it would be "relatively easy" to switch to the continent.
Nissan's threat to move production of the Almera replacement to France may mean the government steps in with a financial package.
This happened two years ago when it came up with some 40m to keep the Micra supermini model at the Sunderland plant.

Mr Ghosen (a Brazilian of Lebanese heritage who was trained in France) obviously has the hang of this government. - 40m last time - I wonder how much he wants this time...


Funny, when you do that to a person it's called extortion.

Except in Marion County, Alabama, USA; there, it's called bluffing.

The strength of the Euro means that it is most cost effective to produce Nissans in the UK.

The real reason behind this is that Nissan is owned by French State companies, Renault, Elf & Matra. See :

http://www.silentmajority.co.uk/eurorealist/Nissan.html . . .

The French goverment wants to close Sunderland to move the jobs to france.

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