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Science - my arse

Science Magazine seems to be specialising in bollocks today:

Farmed Salmon : "toxins high enough to suggest that people eat no more than two salmon meals a month"

And "Climate change is a far greater threat to the world than international terrorism", the government's chief TWAT scientific adviser, Sir David King, has said.

This is same TWAT scientific adviser that set up a committee that ordered the unnecessary slaughter of millions of animals in the Foot and Mouth fiasco. I can only guess he knows something otherwise I can't imagine why he still has a job, but that doesn't mean anyone has to to pay any attention to him.


A few years ago, a fellow in central Texas started a fish farm. He used water pumped from the river to fill and, periodically, re-fresh his ponds. He was just reaching the point of profitability when he was sued by a downstream water authority and subsequently shut down.

It seems that the river authority had noticed that when the river reached them, it contained fish poop.

This reminds me of the "don't eat tuna too often Warning" that we had here in the US acouple of months ago...
What goes totally unexplained is how the Japanese who eat freakin'-HAYPILES of the stuff never show signs of lethat mercury build-up!

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