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It makes me proud.

According to The Times Online

BRITISH consumers are nothing if not robust. Tell them that a certain food is so laden with carcinogens that they should eat it no more than three times a year, and they rush out to buy it by the trolleyful.
In the wake of last week's US report accusing Scottish farmed salmon of being stuffed to the gills with pollutant chemicals, supermarket chains were pleasantly surprised to find it leaping off the shelves at the weekend, and some Scottish producers found that orders and inquiries had gone through the roof.

Asda yesterday reported a 20 per cent increase in all its salmon ranges. "We saw this massive leap on Friday when the report was published."
Sainsbury's also reported an increase of some 10 per cent on salmon products, while Safeway said that salmon sales had gone up "significantly".

Now that is the way to treat stupid health scares, maybe one day the bogusmongers will shut up if we keep treating them with the contempt they deserve!


I put it down to three things:

1) The sight of all that delicious prepared salmon on TV. Like attractive weather girls - don't you find you stop listening and just watch, drooling?

2) A healthy developing skepticism when it comes to food scares (what next - the long overdue public acceptance of GMOs?).

3) The simple observation that no one people know have dropped dead as a result of eating the fish. And the fact that everything contains chemicals supposed to cause ill health, and that there's always someone out there who wants to exaggerate the risks posed. The boys who cry wolf are getting laughed at.

Of course, they say nothing about the American farmed salmon, which has just about as much crap in it as salmon from any other part of the world. Blah.

I live in Seattle, and one of the great joys of this region is the abundance of wild salmon. But that salmon swims through the waters that the farmed salmon is grown in, and picks up just as many of the pollutants! It's all one big line of bullshit, designed to get the plebes (that would be us) to do whatever the newsies want us to.

Hell, compared to all the crap they inject in beef in America, the salmon could be covered in DDT encrusted lead, and it still might be healthier than a hamburger from McDonalds.

I love that word - the 'bogusmongers' - and shall co-opt it for personal use forthwith. Congrats on a very spiffy blog.

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