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The sound of freedom

I often forget how little military hardware most people ever see. Living in Wiltshire our windows rattle from artillery fire most days, tanks cross local roads, and planes and helicopters cross the sky.

This morning as I was walking the dogs on the Marlborough Downs from the other side of the ridge there was the unmistakable and magnificent noise of two Chinooks coming in low. Straight over my head. It is the sound of freedom.

And just for you here is a clip that took ages to find -
bo-ch47.wav - I think I will use it as a ring tone on my phone to replace gunak47.wav or



There is something magnificent in the sound of a war-machine going about its business. Whether the creak of tank treads on a foggy morning or the radial-powered thunder of a vintage bomber beating up the runway with a low-level pass.

I have a .wav clip of (what was represented as) a Mustang/Merlin starting up. Appropriately, it serves as the "start-up" sound effect for my laptop. I have to remember to turn the volume down when I take it to the library. Some people have no appreciation of history.

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