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"Pale Ale in a chilled pilsner "

A nice thought from Individual Thoughts but the horror!

A proper pint of Wadworth's IPA at cellar temperature, not chilled not warmed, and a faint froth on top, not flat not fizzy, is what you want, and what I will raise to your health tomorrow night.


What about The New Inn, for a couple - early doors (ha ha)....straight from the wood?

Sounds like a good idea - but it is a job to get away before 9:00! (apart from a sneaky one on the way home 6:30 ish!)

Cheers! I've had my pint of Samuel Smith's Old Brewery Pale Ale and I'm feeling very wale...er, hiccup, well! :) I don't have much access to quality beer here in Dallas, Texas but it seemed just fine to me. I did chill the pilsner despite your warnings though; it's a mental block I guess. heh

Of course, I'm used to American Beer which I'm told by a POME friend of mine is like drinking water several hours after it's gone through the body. so I'm not one qualified to rate Pale Ale. But the point was..CHEERS!

Now I'm off cyber-hunting that pic of the three Birds at the rugby match holding up the "garlic is not a purfume" banner. :)

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