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BBC Diversity

The Daily Ablution: This Week's Look Inside the BBC raises the interesting point about the BBC's diversity unit - following links I find that:
"Dyke has set ambitious targets: he wants ethnic minorities to make up 10 per cent of the BBC's workforce and 4 per cent of its management by next year... He argued that ethnic minorities, who, according to the Office for National Statistics, made up 7.1 per cent of the population of Britain in 2000..Dyke has continued to face criticism from people who claim that the BBC is still not doing enough to engage ethnic minorities..currently 8.5 per cent of the BBC's 23,000 staff are from ethnic minorities, while the figure for management stands at 3.2 per cent .

Eh? - run that past me again - the country is 7.1% "ethnic", the BBC is 8.5% and they are complaining that old Whitey is still getting preferential treatment, seems to me not to be so!

Luckily I decided some time ago that I am going to put "Black" down as my race when ever asked. I honestly have no idea of my racial genotype so why not be black? - or do they employ some old South African to tell how "Black" I am?


I think Mr Birt and his chums must be ex-South African Nationalist Party members. They have re-invented Apartheid, now arguing that it is better to have minorities calling the shots - because its "fairer"!

any colour as long as its not white

Of course, in the US the currently accepted term is "African-American." I've read some funny stories about white South Africans who've become US citizens and then rightfully claimed favoured "African-American" status.

Incidentally, it's worth pointing out that the BBC quotas quoted in Tim's post would overrepresent the minority population by almost 50% (10% compared to 7.1%).

Yet more stupidity in the name of positive discrimination.
These ridiculous policies only serve to increase predjudice against the apparently "favoured" minorities. What they have sown, so shall they reap.

It looks as if this policy is going beyond racial proportionalism on to the regions of diversity as a value, and where this diversity is considered to be essentially racial. How, though, can someone be called better just by being racially (or ethnically) different from the majority in a country. For this to be true, every one in the majority would have to be the very worst people in the world. That the British government would use racial provocation against the commonalty of their society, indicates manifest evil motivation. In this connection; consider that almost all the independent countries in the world today acquired sovereignty through a process called decolonization, in which racial quotas were used to rapidly bring down the percentage of expatriates in civil service and other positions. The correlation between the use of such quotas and the imminent partition of those polities is extremely high. This being the likely outcome of such policies; may we not conclude that partition on ethnic lines is the goal of the officials, in such instances? ...more at the name just below...

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