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One for White Rose

ID cards - why am I uneasy? - read this on the use of early computers and the Final Solution.

"Future Shoes" by Michael Finley

"Adolf Eichmann told his hangman merely hours before his execution in Jerusalem in 1961 that all the Jews had to do to defeat the final solution was to avoid registration (at the 1939 census). Just not be there when the census taker called. Once the holes were punched( in the recording cards), he said, their fates were sealed.

..computers create a cloud of unreasoning, a wall of emotional distance, and a swirling cape of techno-heroism that prevent us from acknowledging the chaos that follows the click of the trigger.

And here is another quote, from the enigmatic philosopher Martin Heidegger, himself drafted into the Nazi Party in the 30s, but a lifelong questioner of the ease given us by machines:

"Everywhere we remain unfree and chained to technology, whether we affirm it or passionately deny it. But we are delivered over to it in the worst way when we regard it as something neutral. It is not that 'Technology can be dangerous.' Rather, the essence of technology is danger."


Heidigger drafted into the Nazi party? Now, that is funny.

His comments on technology are all wrong. They remind me of people who speak of language as a prison house.

Besides, everywhere else in his writings, he denies that anything has an essence. Now, all of sudden technology does and it is, of all things, danger?

Technology is neutral in the sense that it can be used for either good or evil purposes--or purposes that aren't directly related to morality at all, and indirectly only in the most recherche sense.

And to think Hannah Arendt called this joker "The secret king of this world."

The Eichmann quote isn't true either. The Jews would have had to have done a lot more than simply avoid registration to avoid mass murder.

These two guys make quite a pair. You could shiver yourself into nausea thinking about them....

You there in your Castle. I am uneasy about ID cards too, but there are better reasons to balk at them than anything put forward by Eichmann or Heidigger.

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