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A question from a reader:

I recognize the flag on the top right corner of your blog as one displayed by many British rugby fans. Is there more significance than that for you that would explain your display of it? If so, what is that signifigance? Feel free to post the reply on your blog.

From: flyingspacemonkey

Aah, my little primate, I am delighted to explain.

You are probably more use to seeing the Union Flag also known as the Union Jack. This represents the nations that make up the United Kingdom - of which only one is England.

"On April 12, 1606 the first 'Union Jack' was created. It was a superposition of the red cross of St. George of England and the saltire of St. Andrew of Scotland. Note however that the ground of the Union Flag is a deep "navy" blue. The blue ground of the Scottish national flag, the saltire, from which the blue ground of the Union Flag is derived, is a lighter "sky" blue. The Welsh flag never became part of the Union Flag, as Wales had been annexed by Edward I of England much earlier on and so was considered part of the kingdom of England.
The current Union Flag dates from January 1, 1801 with the Act of Union with Ireland. The new design added the red saltire cross attributed to St. Patrick for Ireland. The saltire is counterchanged to combine it with the saltire of St. Andrew. The red cross actually comes from the heraldic device of the Fitzgerald family who were sent by Henry II of England to subjugate Ireland and has never been used as an emblem of Ireland by the Irish. "

England has a different flag which is the flag of its patron saint, St George and that is the flag I fly on this blog. This doesn't mean I value the Union any less, but I am proud to be English and I chose the blog name as a weak pun as it is my Home page and "An Englishman's Home is his Castle".

The rugby fans you will have seen are English fans, Scotland and Wales have their own teams and supporters who wave other things. (Northern Ireland is part of the United Kingdom but it is a United Ireland team that plays).


Crikey international readers who leave comments - yoour really becoming part of the Blogerati!

Thanks, very enlightening.
Alabama (US State and BTW, my home state) has a similar flag. Colors are identical, the cross originates in the corners instead. A St. Andrew's Cross in the colors of English flag.

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