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Contempt for the people.

Scotsman.com News - Education - Scottish MPs to swing tuition fees vote for Blair

SCOTTISH MPs could come to Tony Blairís rescue after a survey revealed most are planning to vote on English university tuition fees.

Of the 57 Scottish MPs who responded to a survey for BBC Scotlandís Sunday Live show, 44 MPs indicated they would definitely vote on the issue - despite the fact the proposed top-up fees will only directly affect students in England and Wales.

This is simple contempt for democracy - the whole botched devolution process led to the as ever unanswered West Lothian Question of which this is the latest example.

(Tam Dalyell was the author of the celebrated West Lothian Question, he effectively raised the issue of why Scottish MPs at Westminster can vote on English domestic issues, such as education, whereas English MPs cannot vote on education in Scotland. )

It shows the utter contempt our leaders have for England (and Wales).


Yes. So whats new? We have a government and cabinet dominated by Scots. A government with a huge majority, packed with the solid socialist political effluent from Scotland which in any case is very over represented. Meanwhile the fat controller by force and chicanery insists on destroying a millenium and more of history, to break up England into regions rather than than allow the possibility of a seperate England returning a conservative government. Neither Scotland or Wales, both noted for their mindless esposal of socialism, seemed overkeen on being separated from England judging by the results of their referendums, and it suits them now to tie down England into their mirthless socialist system.

The West Lothian question is such a huge yawn, along with Mr Dalyell of course. Every session, Parliament votes on loads of bills that don't affect all members. For example, any policy that only affects one particular constituency! Any road bill, University bill, local government bill.

And yet, all MPs are allowed to vote. What twisted logic would lead to MPs only being allowed to vote on issues that affect their own constituencies - and how much log-rolling would that cause?

Plus, many Scottish kids will be coming south of the border and having to pay the higher fees (not enough though I should say, at the risk of ambiguity!).

It is not about not effecting a particular constituancy, and that knock on effects on Scottish Universities or students coming south of the border is a Red Herring. It is about Scotland having control of its own University funding and England and Wales haing its policy decided by a parliament that includes a large number of Scots. If you wish to argue that the Britisih parliament should control Scottish University funding as well because of the knock on effects then I would have some sympathy, but we have this dogs dinner of devolution and should work within it as fairly as we can, and this simply isn't fair.

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I believe it was a travesty of justice that we did not devolved here in England at the same time as the rest of the uk. Why didn't we get the same oppotunity?

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