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University fees

I have been thinking for a while I ought to put in an essay about University fees - obviously they make sense, it is bizarre that Blair is having to twist arms , and all the left wing cant reminds of why I hated students so much during my sojourn in the Ivory Towers of Oxford. But as any good student knows why bother writing it yourself when a little research shows you someone has already done it, so off you go to this fascinating blogger - new to me at v2 : psychobabble.

(I might as well make the point here that as Alice
said when kindly blogrolling me waving the English Flag and shouting out "I'm an Englishman" can give the impression of being a racist bigot (actually the racists tend to use the Union Flag). So let me make clear that I feel we are blessed that Suruj and the like have moved to England. And I think any antipathy against immigrants that "natives" feel is directed at the lifestyle that that some adopt, or are percieved to adopt. The feeling is that we have enough feckless scroungers already. But I always think if someone has got off their arse to travel across continents to live in a foreign land they are more likely to be someone who wants to get on with life, work hard, provide
for their family etc. In fact exactly the sort of people who always have come to England to make England great.)


sir i want to study hare how i dont know do u help me i am waiting from u hope a batter responce from u
with regard
Allah Hafiz

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