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Be careful out there!


Farmers warn of wild boar dangers
"They are impressively large creatures, very fast and aggressive. In my opinion they are dangerous things."

I wonder if they can be trained to chase ramblers in their ridiculous coloured cagoules, and look for food under caravans. What a boon to the countryside they will become!


Wild boar, big cat sightings, ramblers! The countryside is a dangerous place.

By the way, there was a program on this very same creature on (I think) BBC2 last Sunday(?). They are apparently quite common in the forests of mainland Europe.

I believe they are said to make good hunting.

"They are impressively large creatures, very fast and aggressive. In my opinion they are dangerous things" - are you refering to some of our drinking buddies here?

But they are rather tasty when caught and eaten.

Holy shit! I didn't think they still existed in England!

Paul, They were on Bill Oddie Goes Wild in, I think, Kent. They've been re-introduced from France apparently. And they are big buggers.

For a great description of a medieval English wild boar hunt, take a look at Sir Gawain and the Green Knight.

Landowners in the mountains of Carolina and Tennessee have taken to offering knife hunts for wild boar. Two hundred bucks will get you a chance to stick a Bowie knife into one. You can bowhunt them too.

Marinade the Hell of of the meat--pineapple juice, honey, hot sauce, mustard, curry powder, salt & pepper, then grill.

"Knife hunts for wild boar" - are you mad? But what fun, send me the brochure!

Tim---Hehehehe, the guy who offered me the deal was about 6 foot 6 and weighed about 280. He had a white handlebar mustache.

I have known a few guys who have done it. You set a pack of dogs on the boar and while they are jumping at and over him, you make your move. They say it ain't as stark raving mad as it sounds.

Wade Hampton used to kill bears that way. He is said to have killed 40 or so with a knife. And of course, Faulkner's great story, The Bear, ends with with this sort of hunt,or mess, depending on how you look at it.

The photo below shows a 12 year old kid with 2 wild boars that he took with a Bowie. Each boar weighed 225 lbs. Three catch dogs were used.

This was at a place called Buck and Boar in South Carolina.

Hope the link works...


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