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Wiltshire Farming News

We took note of the Canadian's attempt to grow legal Cannabis ($7.5m to set up a dope farm, no hassle from the cops and they still can't grow a decent smoke - that's the government for you ) and now I notice that the UK government has awarded a local firm a licence to grow it at "Secret Locations" - and ship a derivative to Canada.

I'm sure us Wiltshire boys will deliver the goods, but as to keeping the locations secret, I'll ask round the back room of the Pub to see what news!

I was led to this story by Tory Leader M. Howard being widely reported as saying the Tories will reimpose the very naughty category instead of the slightly naughty category for the drug - in fact he said " It seems to me that there is absolutely no case for what is a massive muddle in the middle." and then went on to say it should either be legalised or the relaxation of the law should be reversed - but the second part of the quote has now disappeared from the BBC site so I can't give it to you word for word. It encapsulates the perennial Tory problem of trying to appeal to the Law & Order brigade as well as the Libertarians.


What will the crop circles look like and will the interstellar travellers who make them be able to fly back to their home planet in a straight line?

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