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Boar hunting with a Bowie

With Wild Boar in the news a lot I thought it worthwhile reposting this - come on you Devon lads, show us that Drake's spirit isn't dead!
Just in case you missed it the comments to Be careful out there! are worth reading. Especially when we started talking about hunting boars with a knife.

Thanks to George for this:

The photo below shows a 12 year old kid with 2 wild boars that he took with a Bowie. Each boar weighed 225 lbs. Three catch dogs were used.

This was at a place called Buck and Boar in South Carolina.

That is one hell of a kid - and a hell of a great place to be brought up.


I'm booking flights, you coming?

I would love to but I think I have a subsequent engagement that day. I'm not young or stupid enough to try it myself...

nnaahhhhhhhhhhh, a few nips of firewater - you'll be fighting mad & well up for it.......


I think I'd be choosing something more firearms than a blimmin' Bowie.

Mark, where has your sense of adventure gone? Although I will confess that I'd like to try one of those rather natty looking Marlin .444's on one of those beasts - they look ideal for when its 'up close & personal' !!!

When it comes to getting up close and personal with Boar, I have NO sense of adventure. In fact as well as some useful firepower, I'd like a nice comfy highseat as well please!

"No no, not the comfy chair!"

Serious doffing of the hat to the nipper.

You wouldn't catch me anywhere near those things armed with less than something in .50 calibre or a regiment of light horse.


Tim--I am delighted that you remembered this. I am going down to Carolina next week to stick one with an chundoo arrow and a 125 grain Wensel Woodsman broadhead. My buds got 4 last January and wound up taking a shoat home and penning it up. It now weighs over 200 lbs. They have gotten attached to it and seem reluctant to eat it.

Their big mistake was not naming it "Supper."

Cheers from Old Virginny

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