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Animal Rights terrorists win.

The BBC reports that:

Plans to build a controversial centre for experiments on monkeys have been shelved by Cambridge University.
It has decided the costs, including measures needed to protect the facility from animal rights militants, would make the laboratory uneconomic.

I don't blame the University, as it was increasingly obvious that the extremists were all out to prevent it. And it is not often I have a good word to say about Tony Blair, but he did stick up for this against the screeching hordes. But make no mistake, this is the terrorists winning.

No one lightly goes into experimenting on Primates or any other animal. Terrible things have been done to animals in the name of science, and experiments on living creatures are never pretty.

But remember that you and I are probably only alive because of such research - and don't anyone dare say "we have done enough research" in my hearing. My dear old mother went as daft as a brush in her final years - brain disease robbed her and the family of some happy years. And carelessly two of my children have suffered serious brain injuries - sat beside an intensive care bed hoping your child will live, I'm sorry to say I would sacrifice whole troops of monkeys to help make them better.

(One made a full recovery, the other has a few problems but we believe she will be fine as she grows up.)


My God Tim, those must have been quite dreadful times for your family. Best wishes.

It's an awful thing to say, but perhaps if these 'campainers' had the marvels of research into modern medicine more forcefully demonstrated, they'd rationalise.
I think anyone who's seen a loved one suffer from a potentially curable disease comprehends the benefits of sensible animal testing.

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